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Some of the world's most terrifying, dangerous offenders live easily in plain sight. 

The "Boy Next Door".

The "Head Cheerleader".

The devoted "Family Man".

The ones who seem to "have it all".

These monsters have no need for the shadows. They hide amongst us. They fit in. Their carefully crafted personas are almost foolproof. They are devious, cunning, and manipulative. 

And even after they're caught, and all of the evidence is brought forward, those who knew them still find it difficult to accept. Afterall, If it's so easy to hide your true nature, how can you ever really know anyone?

Some monsters have...




Latest Episode

Theodore Robert Bundy.


Season 1, Episode 1.

(In production, coming soon)

Ted Bundy could easily be considered the King of Camouflage.


He was classically handsome, extremely intelligent, and very well-liked. He was a law student, a psychology major, a political activist, even a volunteer on a suicide hotline. 


To everyone who met him, Ted was the All-American ideal. Those who didn't want to be WITH him, wanted to BE him. 


The real Ted, the one filled with monstrous rage, soul-less eyes and an unquenchable hatred of women, was reserved only for those he abducted, raped and murdered.




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